The Rise of Ramadan Roundup 4

Greetings! No, this isn’t the title of my latest film. Sounds bold and epic though right? The Rise of Ramadan Roundup 4. Dare you to say that in a serious American voice. You know, the voice you hear in movie trailers. Yes, you know it. That’s it, treat yourself to a doughnut. Unless you are fasting of course, then eat it later. Mmm, doughnuts. Aaaaargh…

Since last month, I have been so busy! It’s Ramadan now and I’m still busy! But I have to say, since the day I found out Ramadan Roundup 4 was nominated for this year’s Limelight Film Awards to the day of the actual event itself, it has been a wonderful and memorable experience. Long story short, Ramadan Roundup 4 didn’t win an award, but I am really honoured and humbled that my short film was nominated for a national film award. I know I’ve probably used these words quite often, but let’s wind the clock back and review the past month. So where did it all start? Here’s a brief summary…

13 May 2015
I received an email confirming that Ramadan Roundup 4 had been shortlisted under the Freefall category at the Limelight Film Awards 2015.

19 May 2015
The Cambridge Mosque Project website published a news article on Ramadan Roundup 4‘s award nomination.

20 May 2015
The East London News published a news article about the award nomination plus a short biography on me. Huge thanks to Emdad Rahman for his well-written piece.

22 May 2015
Emdad Rahman
‘s article was also published in page 29 of the London Bangla newspaper.

London Bangla
London Bangla – 22 May 2015 (page 29)

26 May 2015
I was at Cambridge 105 for a live radio interview with Julian Clover on 105 Drive. We talked about Ramadan Roundup 4‘s award nomination.

30 May 2015
A news article of the award nomination was published in page 6 of the Cambridge News.

Cambridge News
Cambridge News – 30 May 2015 (page 6)

02 June 2015
I was at Islam Channel (Sky 806) to make a live TV guest appearance on Living the Life, a contemporary lifestyle talk show. I talked about the Ramadan Roundup series and I was joined by fellow cast member Raza Amode. It was a pleasure to be part of an awesome group of guests that day. We even met nasheed artist Zain Bhikha!

Ibrahim Rahman (far-right) and Raza Amode (second from right) on Islam Channel's Living the Life
Ibrahim Rahman (far-right) and Raza Amode (second from right) on Islam Channel’s Living the Life

14 June 2015
I was at Cambridge 105 for another live radio interview with Phil Rowe on the Sunday Breakfast show. We talked about the Ramadan Roundup series and the award nomination of Ramadan Roundup 4.

15 June 2015
The day of the awards ceremony. The finalists in the Freefall category alongside Ramadan Roundup 4 were Ahmed & MildredHoodforts Chicken and Revelations. The winning entry was Hoodforts Chicken, directed by the Mile End Community Project. Congratulations to them on winning the award!

Four years ago, the Ramadan Roundup journey began and I never imagined it would develop into a series, so it was truly humbling to have been a finalist for a national film award.

I want to thank you all for your amazing support. It really means a lot. Special thanks to my mother Shahida Rahman, Raza Amode, Tim Ebanks, Halima Khanom and Sam Tunbridge for all coming along and being such awesome guests. Massive thanks to everyone who have contributed to the Ramadan Roundup series, your time and efforts have been greatly appreciated. Thank you also to Munsur Ali and the Limelight Film Awards team for nominating Ramadan Roundup 4, and for hosting a great event!

Some of the Ramadan Roundup 4 gang - Nadia Ali (left), Ibrahim Rahman (centre) and Raza Amode (right)
Some of the Ramadan Roundup 4 gang – Nadia Ali (left), Ibrahim Rahman (centre) and Raza Amode (right)

And so the adventure continues! I can confirm Ramadan Roundup 5 is in pre-production and I expect this to be released later this summer. God willing.

In the meantime, check out Ibrahim’s Ramadan Diary on the Ramadan Roundup Facebook and Instagram pages. I have been posting something new everyday and I hope to keep this going until the end of Ramadan.

Until next time…

The Power of Networking

Thursday 7th November 2013. A day to remember.

“Erm… why?”

Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s the invisible voice! Go and crawl back into your hole.

“Oh wow. Ibrahim’s finally showing some backbone! I have taught you well. You do realise that if I didn’t make these amazing appearances in your blog posts… I provide the comical moments which you simply could not deliver without my assistance.”

I am not a comedian. Besides, everyone knows my jokes are bad. Nothing new. You’re just here to scare off my readers! Off you go, the door’s just over there. Second turn on the right.

“I provide the colour. The vibrance. The beauty.  I once found the bottom of a rainbow you know.”

I have two words for you. GO AWAY.

“I’ll be back. This is not over, Mr Rahman…”

Goodness me… so what is the “Brightest 100”? Let’s get down to business and go back in time… LIVERPOOL WON THE LEAGUE TITLE! I think we travelled too far. 23 years. We are way off…

Here we are then, Saturday 11th May 2013. It was the FA Cup Final. Manchester City lost 1-0 to Wigan Athletic… sorry, am I rambling too much about football? Some of you don’t like football? Oh. Never mind then. Apart from the big match, this was the day of the “Brightest 50” event, organised by a not-for-profit organisation called PRiDEA. My profile was listed in the “Brightest 50” publication, a book that highlighted and celebrated the achievements of 50 British Bangladeshis from across the UK. I was recognised for my academic achievements and work in web design and development.

Fast forward… STOP. Six months later, I found myself at the House of Commons and listed once again in PRiDEA’s latest publication for the “Brightest 100”. This time, I was acknowledged for my work as a reporter for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Both events were really good and inspiring. I met some wonderful people and I am still in contact with them today. It’s a great feeling. I am honoured and privileged to have been listed in both publications and I would like to congratulate everyone else who also featured as well.


For one of the modules that I was studying, I had to create a video using Second Life, which is a virtual world developed by Linden Lab. The program allows users to interact with one another using avatars.

Anyway, here is the video I made, along with Omar Lodhi and Mohammad Dinul Haque. We all provided the voices for the characters. This is my first ever 3D animation film and it’s in HD too!

A man wakes up to find himself in a room and is desperate to escape. However, he is confronted by two voices that are coming from the mysterious hole in the centre of the room…

Enjoy the film! Feel free to leave a comment too!

What Are Cataracts? – The Verdict

As this video was intended for my friends Maggie, Priya, Indu and Kim, they had to present this to their class and await feedback. Thankfully, they did really well and achieved an A-, which is fantastic! Many congratulations to you all!

Turns out a lot of people were impressed with the video, especially the fact that it was in HD. Looks like it made buying my HD camcorder all the worthwhile! Popularity seems to be soaring too, which is also very good news, the only way to continue raising your profile is to continue doing what you do best! Clearly, that means making more videos!

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that I have finally finished my next project. Check out the next blog for more information!