British Bangladeshi Who’s Who 2015

Thursday 5th November 2015. The Meridian Grand, London – the luxurious setting for this year’s British Bangladeshi Who’s Who event.

After attending the previous two events in 2013 and 2014, I was keen to get involved this time round and see what I could do to assist with from behind the scenes, particularly with the publication. I was tasked with editing the profiles of some new and existing entries that were to be included in this year’s publication. I also managed the social media sites for the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who this year, setting up profiles on Twitter and Instagram to promote the showpiece as well as helping to run the already existing Facebook page. I was keen for there to be a stronger social media presence, especially during the event. I thought this would be a great opportunity to promote the hashtag #bbwhoswho, knowing that there are many within the Bangladeshi community who are frequent users of social media and love to share photos.

On the night of the showpiece hosted by news presenter Lisa Aziz and barrister Anawar Miah, I tweeted throughout using the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who Twitter account – @bbwhoswho. The overall response to the Twitter coverage was positive, with guests engaging with the tweets and following the trend of using #bbwhoswhoRupa Huq MP, an award-winner on the night, and Zac Goldsmith MP, a London Mayoral candidate, both tweeted about the event.

Regarding the publication, I was listed as one of the contributors on the first page. Second from bottom.

Ibrahim was a contributor in this year's British Bangladeshi Who's Who publication
Ibrahim was listed a contributor in this year’s British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication

In other news, before the awards ceremony kicked off, I was interviewed by Zakir Khan (see picture below). Somehow I made him laugh. Or maybe he was laughing at one of his own jokes. Or maybe he wanted to challenge me to a lightsaber duel. Look at him aiming his lightsaber-style microphone at me AND laughing… before the event started, they played out a segment from the Star Wars soundtrack. Funny, right? Fortunately, he wasn’t actually as menacing as his facial expressions showed. Phew! We had a brief chat about my contribution to this year’s British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication and how I was helping out at the event. I wonder where this interview will be shown… Channel S possibly?

Ibrahim is interviewed by Zakir Khan
Ibrahim was interviewed by Zakir Khan before the event

While we are on the subject of audio equipment, Rez Kabir added a lively touch with his rich and distinctive voice-overs throughout the show. He just sat in a dark corner of the hall, bellowing into a microphone for a couple of hours. Well played. He’s also a very talented actor!

It was also a nice occasion to meet familiar and new faces…

Award-winning accountant Mahbub Murshed with Ibrahim
Award-winning accountant Mahbub Murshed with Ibrahim
Ibrahim with award-winner Kamru Ali
Ibrahim with award-winner Kamru Ali

To conclude, I enjoyed being part of the project. I would like to thank Abdul Karim Goni and Shahadoth Karim for giving me the opportunity to help out with the publication and at the event itself. The Meridian Grand was an excellent choice for this year’s venue and I think it would be good to see the next event hosted there again. Well done to everyone involved.

Asian Media Awards 2015

Thursday 29th October 2015. Destination Manchester.

Cambridge to Deansgate… journey time approximately 4.5 hours? Yes, it was VERY long and there was an eleven minute delay leaving from London Euston, which had a knock-on effect for the rest of the journey. Despite that, I arrived at the Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel on time and looked forward to what was expected to be an enjoyable and memorable evening. What a venue. Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend the night there, but I did get a nice view from the top floor…

Ibrahim's view from the top floor of the Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel - the venue for the Asian Media Awards 2015
Ibrahim’s view from the top floor of the Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel – the venue for the Asian Media Awards 2015

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was one of five finalists shortlisted under the Regional Journalist of the Year category at this year’s Asian Media Awards. Below is my profile, published in page 53 of the Asian Media Awards 2015 brochure. Every finalist had their own profile too.

Ibrahim's Profile - page 53 of the Asian Media Awards 2015 brochure
Ibrahim’s profile – page 53 of the Asian Media Awards 2015 brochure

The winner was Sangeeta Bhabra, presenter of ITV Meridian News. Congratulations to Sangeeta for winning the award!

My interest in broadcasting started four years ago when I was invited for a live interview, representing my university’s Islamic Society on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire‘s Sunday Breakfast show. Despite being incredibly nervous and unprepared for it, I enjoyed the experience and was really keen to do more! Since then, I have reported about Ramadan, the Hajj, and both Eid celebrations in Cambridge. I am currently presenting a sports show every Saturday from 2-5pm on Cambridge 105.

It wasn’t that long ago when my short film Ramadan Roundup 4 was nominated for a national film award, so I’m really humbled and privileged to have been chosen as a finalist under a brand-new category at this year’s Asian Media Awards. It was also a real pleasure to see familiar and new faces on the night. One of them being up-and-coming comedian Guz Khan, also known as Guzzy Bear! He used to be a teacher I think…

Comedian Guz Khan (left) with Ibrahim Rahman
Comedian Guz Khan (left) with Ibrahim

Finally, I want to thank you all for your amazing support. It really means a lot. Huge thanks to my family and friends, especially to Raza Amode for coming along to the event.

All praise is to Allah and all success is from Him.

British Bangladeshi Who’s Who 2014

Salutations, my dear readers. It has been a long time since I wrote something. Particularly something that is not related to football. Hmm. Well, let’s get this show on the road…

On Thursday 13th November 2014, I attended the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who 2014 publication launch and awards ceremony at Alexandra Palace, London. I was present at last year’s event as well, particularly because my mother’s profile was listed in the 6th edition of the publication. Anyhow, I am delighted to announce that I am a new entry in this year’s publication! I was also told that I am the youngest ever entrant to be listed in the book.

A massive thank you to all who have supported me, it really means so much. I am humbled and privileged to be included in this publication, especially at such an early stage of my career. I graduated in 2012, but the last two years have been pretty eventful! Challenging too, but eventful nonetheless.

You can read this year’s publication online via the following link:

So what else is new? Well, I was work shadowing at BBC Asian Network not too long ago…

We’ll come back to that another time.

BB Who's Who Profile

The Power of Networking

Thursday 7th November 2013. A day to remember.

“Erm… why?”

Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s the invisible voice! Go and crawl back into your hole.

“Oh wow. Ibrahim’s finally showing some backbone! I have taught you well. You do realise that if I didn’t make these amazing appearances in your blog posts… I provide the comical moments which you simply could not deliver without my assistance.”

I am not a comedian. Besides, everyone knows my jokes are bad. Nothing new. You’re just here to scare off my readers! Off you go, the door’s just over there. Second turn on the right.

“I provide the colour. The vibrance. The beauty.  I once found the bottom of a rainbow you know.”

I have two words for you. GO AWAY.

“I’ll be back. This is not over, Mr Rahman…”

Goodness me… so what is the “Brightest 100”? Let’s get down to business and go back in time… LIVERPOOL WON THE LEAGUE TITLE! I think we travelled too far. 23 years. We are way off…

Here we are then, Saturday 11th May 2013. It was the FA Cup Final. Manchester City lost 1-0 to Wigan Athletic… sorry, am I rambling too much about football? Some of you don’t like football? Oh. Never mind then. Apart from the big match, this was the day of the “Brightest 50” event, organised by a not-for-profit organisation called PRiDEA. My profile was listed in the “Brightest 50” publication, a book that highlighted and celebrated the achievements of 50 British Bangladeshis from across the UK. I was recognised for my academic achievements and work in web design and development.

Fast forward… STOP. Six months later, I found myself at the House of Commons and listed once again in PRiDEA’s latest publication for the “Brightest 100”. This time, I was acknowledged for my work as a reporter for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Both events were really good and inspiring. I met some wonderful people and I am still in contact with them today. It’s a great feeling. I am honoured and privileged to have been listed in both publications and I would like to congratulate everyone else who also featured as well.

Ramadan Roundup 2

If you have already watched “Ramadan Roundup”, continue reading. Otherwise, click here and watch the first episode!

It’s been a long time coming, but I am proud to present the next chapter of the “Ramadan Roundup” series. I had planned well in advance to produce a sequel, as I felt there was plenty of room for development.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed making it.


So what are my plans for 2013? Absolutely no idea yet. I’m just taking each day as it comes…