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Thursday 7th November 2013. A day to remember.

“Erm… why?”

Well, well, well. Look who it is. It’s the invisible voice! Go and crawl back into your hole.

“Oh wow. Ibrahim’s finally showing some backbone! I have taught you well. You do realise that if I didn’t make these amazing appearances in your blog posts… I provide the comical moments which you simply could not deliver without my assistance.”

I am not a comedian. Besides, everyone knows my jokes are bad. Nothing new. You’re just here to scare off my readers! Off you go, the door’s just over there. Second turn on the right.

“I provide the colour. The vibrance. The beauty.  I once found the bottom of a rainbow you know.”

I have two words for you. GO AWAY.

“I’ll be back. This is not over, Mr Rahman…”

Goodness me… so what is the “Brightest 100”? Let’s get down to business and go back in time… LIVERPOOL WON THE LEAGUE TITLE! I think we travelled too far. 23 years. We are way off…

Here we are then, Saturday 11th May 2013. It was the FA Cup Final. Manchester City lost 1-0 to Wigan Athletic… sorry, am I rambling too much about football? Some of you don’t like football? Oh. Never mind then. Apart from the big match, this was the day of the “Brightest 50” event, organised by a not-for-profit organisation called PRiDEA. My profile was listed in the “Brightest 50” publication, a book that highlighted and celebrated the achievements of 50 British Bangladeshis from across the UK. I was recognised for my academic achievements and work in web design and development.

Fast forward… STOP. Six months later, I found myself at the House of Commons and listed once again in PRiDEA’s latest publication for the “Brightest 100”. This time, I was acknowledged for my work as a reporter for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Both events were really good and inspiring. I met some wonderful people and I am still in contact with them today. It’s a great feeling. I am honoured and privileged to have been listed in both publications and I would like to congratulate everyone else who also featured as well.

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