Anyone for Tennis?

“Right… so Ibrahim has written his first blog post of 2012 and it has a rather obscure title. Here we go again…”
Yes, no change there. Same old Ibrahim, entering a brand-new year! I must try and write more regularly though. I didn’t even make double figures last year! That’s poor, I know. I don’t need to be told that. Looks like I’ve got to make up ground…
Anyway, we’re halfway through January already! Incredible! It’s been quite an eventful month so far actually. I handed in my last two university assignments on 6th January, which was a huge relief. Last semester was tough, but I’m not out of the woods yet. Awaiting results now, they should be available later this week. I’m petrified! I pray that they’re good.
The assignments will return with a vengeance in the next couple of months, so I can’t rest on my laurels too much. The ball is back in my half of the court. If I play the shot correctly, I can make it game, set and match. Accuracy is key. University is like a tennis match. I feel like I’ve reached the Wimbledon final and I’m up against the biggest opponent. Two sets a piece, I’m ready to serve… oh look, Pippa Middleton is watching me from the crowd… DISTRACTION! Mustn’t get distracted by my surroundings. Back to reality. My last semester will be the biggest test of all. No doubt about it. I can’t afford to get distracted. This means I probably won’t be doing any filmmaking until after April. Get over it people, it’s all about setting my priorities straight! No matter what happens, this WILL be a memorable year. It WILL be an emotional rollercoaster ride. I will battle with time. This is starting to sound like a Doctor Who episode…
2012 promises big things. I wish everyone all the best to those who are hoping to graduate this year. Good luck to all students who will be receiving their GCSEs or A Levels as well.
I’ll be back…

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