April Showers

“Ibrahim leaves us in limbo for nearly three months and then he returns, and decides to talk about the weather…”
Whoa, hold on there. Let’s not jump to conclusions. Don’t judge a blog post by its title…
Anyway, I didn’t plan on talking about the weather. Besides, it’s not my job. If you want to know the weather, you know exactly where to go. So you’re wondering… if this isn’t about the weather, what on earth is Ibrahim on about?
April 2012. Probably the most crucial month of my degree yet. My dissertation is due towards the end of April, so that explains why this month is so important. Next month, I’ll have my other assignments to hand in. Basically, I’m going to be showered with assignments. In fact, I’m showered already. I’m drenched. I’m drowning! No, not really. That’s too far.
Fortunately, I’ve got no exams so I’ll be a free man once I’ve finished all my coursework. From that moment on, the wait begins… for results!
So what’s the latest in the world of filmmaking? To be honest with you, I’m feeling a bit rusty. I haven’t made a video for a while! Hopefully there will be opportunities later this year, I hope to be working on a promotional trailer for an event coming up in June. You will know what it’s about if you have been reading my tweets recently! More on that later.
What else? Don’t know yet! I’ll need to sit down and have a think. Maybe that’ll involve twiddling my thumbs, fishing out my notebook and jotting down some notes. Brainstorming. We’ll see what happens, but I’ll probably work on improving my web design skills a bit during the summer too.
Don’t think there’s anything else to report at the moment. Been really busy with my studies. Can’t believe my third and final year is almost over…

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